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You Are What You Eat
Your body is always talking to you. It tells you when you haven’t fed it properly, when it’s allergic to something you ate, when it's lacking vitamins or minerals, when it’s overloaded with stress or might even be housing an unwanted parasite that is wreaking havoc inside of you.

Wellness 101: “My Body Doesn’t Feel Right”
If you are tired of not seeing results, being told "That's normal for your age." even though you know you don't feel like yourself and something just doesn't feel right, then this workshop is the perfect place to start.

Wellness 102: Beyond Diets, Treadmills and Prozac
In this workshop we discuss how nutrition, exercise and stress combined impact your health and wellness.

Hormone Health : How Hormones Affect your Weight, Energy and Mood.
Do you suffer from difficulty losing weight, fatigue and PMS? Come and learn how diet and stress impact hormone health.

Our Stories:

Replenishing Soul - Lori Lori Metroka is a Nutrition and Wellness Specialist and co-owner of Replenishing Soul who operates our Los Gatos branch. Read More About Lori

Replenishing Soul - Dorothy Dorothy Lizak is a Nutrition and Wellness Specialist and co-owner of Replenishing Soul who operates our San Francisco branch. Read More About Dorothy

Your Stories:

Kim R.
I have been working out with Lori for the past two years. I can't say enough about her! She is filled with positive energy and knowledge and her main goal is to pass that energy and knowledge along to others so they can use it to improve their physical and emotional health. Read More

Dorothy is great! She really took the time to listen to me and worked with me to determine what would be the best for my body and lifestyle. After following the program for about 6 weeks, Read More

When I heard about the Wellness 101 class, I was skeptical. After all, I know alot about nutrition and health, and I'm against dieting, so what could this hold for me? I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of information and knowledge that both Dorothy and Lori displayed. Read More